Enriching the lives of People with developmental disabilities through the creative arts

IndicatorArt offers hands-on workshops in the visual arts and performing arts to individuals of all abilities, including those with developmental disabilities.

We offer a wide range of classes, including painting, photography, acting, songwriting, singing, and movement. We design our classes to ensure a fun and life-enriching experience for every participant.

  • Our instructors are experienced professionals with a deep interest in and compassion for our students.
  • Our programs are inclusive—we encourage everyone to join us as students, volunteers, and supporters.
  • We have small class sizes to make sure that each student receives maximum individual attention.​​
  • We work closely with family and agency staff to best meet the needs of each student.

We currently have programs in 3 metropolitan areas. Please check each city for a list of classes offered in that location:


Current Galleries & Showcases

Our students create amazing work in our various visual art and performance art classes. We've grouped some of the best paintings, photographs, and performances into themed galleries and showcases so we can share them with the world. Below are the latest additions to our growing collection. Enjoy!

"This program not only changed my daughter's life, but changed mine, too."

Dr. Maggie Buckely

Mother of an IndicatorArt Student

"This program is my heart!"

Matt Moore

IndicatorArt Student

"I witnessed some amazing things happening with our friends with special needs. They became very creative and expressed themselves in beautiful ways."

Don Bach

Community Leader and Founder of the East Aurora Aktion Club for People with Developmental Disabilities

"My son, who has autism, took an art class and a year later I am still amazed at the detail he captured of a place he used to enjoy visiting with his grandpa. I see things in the picture I did not see the last time I stood before it."

Jane Dash

Agency nurse and mother of an IndicatorArt Student

Recent Blog Posts

The Philosophy of IndicatorArt

The way a society treats its most vulnerable people acts as an indicator of how advanced that society is, in a spiritual sense. How we serve our nation's suffering, defenseless, and weary acts like a canary in a coal mine, warning us when our culture goes astray.
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Caught in the Farmer’s Snare

It is true that we are in many ways very advanced. We have great cities, a powerful army, food to throw away. But what kind of countrymen and countrywomen are we turning out? As a people, are we compassionate or are we greedy and self-serving?
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An Indicator

I left the field of Human Services for several years because I was sick of bearing daily witness to the neglect of elderly people. I simply wanted to work with objects and things that didn't experience pain and depression. I found myself at a factory-type workshop where we assembled and constructed parts for commercial vehicles.
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