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Recent Gallery Shows

Winter Sun

Winter Sun (A Collection of Landscape Paintings)

For many of our students, the landscape is already there in the painting while it is still in its abstract form, waiting to be discovered. For others, the student has a preconceived image of what he or she would like to paint right from the beginning.
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The Cube of Juan

The Cube of Juan and Other Group Paintings

In our art classes, our students work on an individual painting, as well as collaborative pieces. This collection of group paintings was selected as our first online show because collectively it represents maybe forty or more artists from 2013 to 2018.
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The Eye of Buffalo (Exploring Buffalo, NY, Through Photography)

For this gallery, our students traveled to different locations in Buffalo, NY, including the Botanical Gardens, the waterfront, and the Albright-Knox art gallery. They purposely went off the beaten path at times in order to take a distinctive shot.
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Viewing Beach Sounds

Viewing Beach Sounds (A Collection of Nature Photos)

IndicatorArt photography students adventured all over the Buffalo area with their cameras, including a beach on Lake Erie, a relatively unknown park, and a random Western New York creek, to help to promote the idea that nature in itself is art.
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A Bee's Garden

A Bee’s Garden (And Other Abstract Paintings)

Each artist represented in this gallery worked on his or her painting over the course of six weeks, layering new colors upon existing colors to eventually create a textured and mature art piece.
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Thought at Dusk

Thoughts at Dusk (And Other Surreal Landscapes)

Although several paintings in this collection of individual student work give the viewer a sense of happiness, the thru line that connects most of them is how they evoke an emotion of thoughtful reflection.
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